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Alternative healing methods are now legitimately practiced in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. In many of these places, personnel of state-run hospitals ask patients if they want to receive alternative healing together with their medical treatment. Like their colleagues in the hospitals, veterinarians also work in partnership with animal healers to find the best kind of treatment for the animals. Or people can choose either to bring their pets to regular vets or to alternative pet healers. More pet owners seem to be willing to try out alternative healing because it turns out cheaper in the long term and it doesn’t have negative effects on the animals. Animals are like people and some may not respond well to drugs. In such cases, alternative healing presents a good alternative. A growing number of people are becoming health conscious and they no longer want to fill their pets’ bodies with chemical products (like antibiotics, chemical flea killers, dewormers, etc…) Many pet owners would rather use natural ingredients and methods to heal their animal companions. Others combine homeopathic and allopathic methods. It all depends on what works best for you and your animal companion.

Healing pets the non-conventional way protects them from traumatic experiences.

A trip to the vet often causes fear and panic to an animal particularly if he or she had been previously subjected to injections, physical exams, blood tests and mishandling by a vet’s assistants.

Alternative healing methods also help humans bond with their animal friends. Everything that lives and exists in this world is composed of energy. Humans and animals are composed of and are surrounded by energy fields that vibrate at a different level. Body energies go through changes depending on a person’s or an animal’s physical, emotional and mental experiences. When you try to heal a sick animal, for instance, he may feel a tingling sensation in the whole body or in the affected body part. Judging from the reactions I got from the animals I have healed through the years, they usually feel drowsy or relaxed during or after a session. Some, though, may refuse to be touched specially if they are not used to strangers. But in most cases, the animals seem to appreciate the healing and immediately feel its beneficial effects.

I rarely go to the vet nowadays because it has become quite expensive. With 20 cats in the house, I have opted for energy healing to cut costs.

I practice several kinds of methods. My favorite is REIKI healing. Reiki, which means universal life energy in Japanese, is a method of healing that uses extremely fine energy tapped from the universal source. Practitioners are initiated so they can gain easy access to the life force. As a second-degree REIKI healer, I just put my hand on the part of the cat’s body that is bothering him or her and pass on healing energy. I can see the relief from pain in the cat’s eyes and actions. He either falls asleep or he suddenly bounces off from my lap, completely energized. The results can be seen immediately or after a few sessions.

Sometimes, I do pranic healing. It’s basically the same principle of energy (prana) manipulation, but this time the pranic healer uses his hands to “sweep away” all negative energies within the animal’s energy field. Pranic healing is an ancient healing art. Animals tend to get impatient, though, so you might have to hold him with one hand while the other does the sweeping. Several of my cats have been healed with pranic energy. Aswad, a black stray cat, was going blind when he was dumped in front of my apartment some five years agao. His eyes were in a sorry state either because he didn’t get the proper care and nutrients or he had been scratched in the eyes. Veterinary doctors said both Aswad and Tuxedo, a black and white stray cat who had blood oozing from her eyes, were “hopeless” cases and would definitely go blind. Well, they did not. They recovered their eyesight within two weeks with the help of pranic healing and of course, a lot of love, attention and healthy food. Fauna, a sleek jet black stray, was cured by REIKI energy – and Vitamin C. Another vet had taken her x-ray and said she was dying of lung and stomach infection. In 1999, my white Persian cat Horus suddenly started walking like a drunkard. He acquired a glazed look as if he were high on drugs and he could neither jump up nor come when called. The reason? A vet had prescribed a high dosage of antibiotic to stop his diarrhea. Well, the sickness stopped but Horus got even worse. I gave him lots of REIKI treatments and he is now one sweet fat independent cat.

Now, when my cats get diarrhea, I give homeopathic tablets in addition to the usual alternative treatments. Homeopathy cures an illness by treating the whole being rather than just the symptoms. It is holistic. Its medicines come from plant, mineral and animal sources and are used in extremely diluted amounts. The tablets I give my cats for diarrhea are very effective.

My feline friends also love the spinal flush, so-called because it flushes the toxins out from the body. To do it, you must apply thumb pressure along the canals on both sides of the spine but not on the spine itself. Do this from the back of the neck all the way down to the part where the tail is joined to the body. To balance a pet’s energies when she’s feeling too aggressive or too weak, you can trace the number eight (8) sideways a few inches from her body. Do this several times.

Quartz crystals can also be a big help. When my cats get sick, I put the appropriate crystal in his or her sleeping corner. Once when pewter-haired Ishtar was throwing up everything she ate, I placed a pink quartz crystal under her stomach while she slept the whole night. By the time I woke up the following morning, she was busy playing with her two-month kittens. A few days ago, Ishtar gave birth again (her fifth litter) to four kittens. On that morning, she climbed up my bed and miaowed loudly in my ear to wake me up. I knew it was time so I stroked her stomach and talked to her gently. An hour later, she gave birth to four healthy black kittens.

When my Persian cats get pregnant, they always ask for some healing from me. They usually come to me and demand attention just before they are about to give birth. Artemis, a silver-haired Persian, was overdue by a couple of weeks so I helped her by gently stroking her stomach and assuring her that her babies would be all right. She slept with me that night and gave birth the following morning.

Often, animals get sick due to stress just like people. Stress can come from the wrong diet, chemicals, poor housing conditions, competition from other animals, lack of attention, the weather and many other factors. Geopathic stress – that which occurs naturally in the earth and that created by man - also affects them. Animals instinctively avoid places where such energies abound. But sometimes, they cannot avoid the so-called harmful ley lines when they go right through the places where they are kept in a house or building. Stress may have physical, emotional or mental origins. Animals are sensitive to the energies around them that they easily get affected by negative energy waves. When there’s a lot of anger in the home, pet behavior can turn erratic. Some animals even absorb the negative energies released by their human companions. When this happens, stressed people usually say they always feel better when their pet is around. Problem is, it could be toxic for their animal friends.

Animals also get hurt when people intentionally do things to harm them. A tri-color stray cat who took up residence with me suffered a lot when somebody threw a big chunk of rock or hollow block on her. Li Shou’s back caved in and for a while it was really touch and go for her. She was in so much pain and could not eat. I immediately went to work on her. Everyday, I put my hands on her back and passed on energy to her. Because of the gravity of the situation, it took me about 2-3 weeks to heal her. But she got well and was able to walk and run again.

Wildlife, animals who don’t know you, or those far away are a different story. Long-distance healing would work best for them. I once healed a friend’s dog whose hind part was swollen. I send him healing energy and a phone call later less than an hour later confirmed that the swelling had indeed subsided. When I was still a student in France, I used to spend my afternoons watching the swans as they gracefully glided along the Ill River in Strasbourg. I would give them bread and it came to a point when they would come rushing to shore as I approached the bridge. One day I noticed that one of the swans was limping and having a hard time coming to meet me. For three days I did mental healing on him and at the same time I sent him a lot of love energy. I wasn’t sure I was getting anywhere but on the fourth day, he came to shore with the others and even stayed behind as if to thank me.

Sometimes, though, there are animals who can no longer be healed. For some of them, it’s simply time to leave. On such occasions, I just thank the animal for the love and company he shared with me. Often, they come back or reincarnate and end up with me again. I usually recognize them because of they exhibit the same habits and behavior as a dearly departed animal friend.

In China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, the United States and Europe, vets already use acupuncture on their animal patients. Acupuncture cures almost all diseases including arthritis and mental disorders. It is an ancient Chinese therapy that requires the insertion of needles into the skin at specific points in the body. Sluggish animals usually regain their energy after an acupuncture session.

There are still more kinds of alternative cures but nothing beats prevention. Exposure to the morning sun does a lot of good for the animals. And of course, lots of love and attention works wonders for them. It’s always the best way to heal – and protect – them from disease.

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Hello Khrysta! Man is the ultimate consumer of all things and the animal kingdom. Although it's not wise to eat endangered animals. They are all made by God for man. So that he can propagate and even evolve not only as a Homo Sapiens but Homo Spatialis. Big head and small body! Ha!HA! He does not anymore use most some of his limbs to get food ,make food and grow food. If these guys who make Squalene has a sin because they extract it from Dog sharks in the ocean that are so plentiful, so be it.
To sum it up... Why the Brits want the Falklands? It's not the 50,000 sheeps. But the place is teeming with food or just near the Argentine Strait. Astronauts using their infrared telescopes according to Reader's Digest ,"It (Argintine Strait)glows everytime they focus their telescope on the area". That means there are many planktons there! Food for the little fish,for the big fish and eventually for the Whales! The Bread of Life of the Sea! In case of Famine or War, the United Kingdom can just tap these resources to feed themselves and even the world. I rest my case... Thank you! Eog Mansei!!! (Many Ten Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity)

In my Name,
Athanasius Francis C. Catalan
Blessed Central Family, Aju!(The new Amen)

I remember in my Survival Class in the Army... That what birds and animals eat are all edible. Also see the "Principle of Creation". The first chapter of the Divine Principle in my blogs or links at